15 Things MTV’s ‘Awkward.’ Gets Right

Thought Catalog

Awkward: Season 3, Part 1Awkward: Season 3, Part 1

1. It’s actually important to DTR.

It’s common knowledge that dating is full of neuroses and over analysis of potential mixed signals. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some actual truth to neuroses. If anything, neuroses illustrate the need for clarity. So even if the conversation might be “difficult”, it would be best for a person to casually bring up where the relationship is going with their potential “significant other”. Heartache is a certainty of relationships. But if the DTR (Defining The Relationship) is done early enough it can minimize the damage. Therefore, even if DTR seems childish, it still matters. The teenagers on Awkward actually know something as seen through their constant need to DTR.

2. Neuroses have two sides that cut deeper than a sword.

As much as it might be understandable why a person would become neurotic about dating, neuroses are still…

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