When I Read Our Old Conversations, I Can Feel Us Reconnect Again

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image - Flickr / Kenny Louie image – Flickr / Kenny Louie

It’s bittersweet to reread our old conversations, the conversations I saved from the past year or so. I see our words to each other on the screen, and I can’t help but still smile. I still laugh at the banter and the silly one liners. Or my attempts at rapping. I should probably keep those ‘special’ rhyme schemes to myself, but I have a feeling you were amused. I liked to amuse you.

I can actually recall the thoughts that were going through my head at those exact moments in time. This was my opinion about this. And that was your view on that. We rarely agreed, and yet, we somehow synced on another level. We somehow found comfort in one another, where a deeper understanding was solidified under the surface.

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