Why We Want What We Can’t Have

Thought Catalog

A Day in the Life of a Single Twenty-Something.

Kristaps BergfeldsKristaps Bergfelds

There’s something to be said for wanting what you can’t have. Of course, we all hope to meet our match one day, someone just like us who abhors playing games in relationships. We dream of the guy or girl who will sit across from us, take our hand, tell us we’re wonderful, and never make us second-guess their motives or agenda as long as we both shall live. In theory, this sounds like a beautiful thing, but in practice, I can’t help but notice how few are attracted to this kind of individual.

You’re all familiar with that friend of yours; the one who whines about wanting a nice guy, but who continuously winds up in the sack with bad boys instead. Or maybe it’s that sweet boy from school who pines after girls who don’t even know he’s…

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