What You’ll Know When You Marry

Thought Catalog

Kevin DooleyKevin Dooley

Being married is a funny thing. We take someone we love and are so excited about and then we make them ordinary. I am a yoga teacher and every once in awhile someone asks me if I still love yoga, even though it’s my job. Of course, I still love it, but it’s different. It can get boring sometimes, like anything, the more familiar you become with something, the harder you have to work to keep it interesting.

When my husband was my boyfriend he existed for only me. His relationship to his friends and family didn’t really include me, his co-workers, his hobbies, his quirks… I could approach it all like one of those sushi menus where you simply check off what you want and ignore the rest. Once you get you married, you get it all. All the relationships that didn’t include you, are now as…

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