What You Learn From The One Who Won’t Love You Back

Thought Catalog

He will never love you back because you’re not what he’s looking for. You’re just nice to have for the now because you’re always available. You’re the one before he finds the actual one. You’re the intermission number for the main event. You’re the half-time before the game starts. You’re one of his options but not his priority. You’re his back-up plan.

He invests time in you because he has no one else. He stays with you because you’re willing to make out with him. He pretends to love you because he knows you’ll fall for it. And you did.

You fall for him because he makes you feel like you’re the only one. Well, you are. But that’s until he can find someone else. Not even someone else better. Just someone else. You fall for him because he holds your hand and he intertwines his fingers with yours. You…

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