The Things Guys Are Afraid To Say

Thought Catalog


We’ll look at you with prying, insistent eyes. Eyes that seem to probe you, and inquisitively claim the honesty you cannot provide for us, right in the moment. Our mouths will be set in a straight line, jaw set, because we demand something we know you cannot give, but yet we cannot help ourselves. We do not recognize your insecurity, but strangely enough we might be able to empathize — because we ourselves are consumed by the same.

As much as there are expectations set on the conduct of females in a relationship, there are hidden chains that bind us. There, too, is a limit to how much we can express, how much we can show through our expressions, our words, our heart. From young we might be conditioned to be an alpha male, how to adapt distasteful chauvinism into a rough aphrodisiac, like a musky cologne, artfully dabbed…

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