7 Signs Someone Is Your Person

Thought Catalog


Your “person” is, in cheesy, outdated terms, your soul mate. They can be a best friend, a romantic partner, and honestly, the qualities that make them your person are mostly the same either way. There’s a distinct difference between someone just being a “friend” or even a “best friend” or a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” – those are all very fine things to be, but when someone is you person, the connection and commitment and almost creepy degree of understanding each other is totally next level.

This is the person you marry. This is the person who will be your best friend until one of you dies. This is a relationship that isn’t limited to or defined by circumstantial things like being in school together, or going through a phase of life where you’re similar but eventually you’ll grow and change and move apart from each other. This person sticks…

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