Unrequited Love: Friends Who Sit On Each Others’ Laps

Thought Catalog

This is a story of unrequited love. Of a girl who loved a boy who loved another girl. Who probably loved another boy herself. Cause isn’t that the way of the world? That aching beauty of unrequited love.

Here’s the thing, though, this girl isn’t going to get the boy in the end. That’s not her fate. She’s the one we are rooting for, though. But just so you know, she doesn’t get the boy in the end. She gets something different.

I bet you wish that sentence went more like, “She gets something better.” But really, what’s better than falling head over heels for someone completely right for you? And wrong for you? And who hurts you? And who loves you better than you’re convinced that you’ll ever get? And yet treats you like shit?

Nothing in this world is more delicious, right? It’s like biting into a succulent…

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