First Love, The Second Time Around

Thought Catalog

You are here every day, you are here every night. I hear your voice through my phone, and everything fell into place. And whenever you are gone, you are never far from my mind. And once again, the cheesy, corny, overused sayings find their way back into my head.

I have fallen in love with you once, and it took everything I had to go through that heartbreak. And since that time, Carly Rae Jepsen released the best and the worst song ever in the history of mankind; Gossip Girl ended; the Candy Crush Saga obsession came and went; the Arab Spring started; many, many, many dictators have been ousted; Obama got re-elected; the iPhone 5 came out; I made new friends; I fell in love again; I graduated; I moved; I fell out of love again. Now here you are again, years later, offering your heart once again, undoing…

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