The Etiquette Of Emoji

Thought Catalog

By now, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have had at least one conversation that consisted of the use of only emojis and minimal text. If you haven’t, I am not quite sure what rock you have been living under, but I admire you for holding out against the insidious little emoji. It is a tricky move to determine when you have become comfortable enough with someone that you can incorporate these amazing little icons in your conversation without seeming weird or too forward.

(This whole concept is such a First World Problem, but I digress.)

As I scroll through my most recent conversations with my close friends, the texts are loaded with the two dancing girls and the margarita glass. Adding the emojis adds an extra “I can’t wait to see you” element that spices up the blue and white drab linguistic text.

Yet still, the emoji demands a…

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