6 Reasons Why We Need To Take The Time To Connect With Ourselves

Thought Catalog

Life is a constant crisscrossing of paths and people—a jumble of plans and interruptions, a mystery we attempt to figure out as we go. Along the way, we build many relationships. Whether good or otherwise, these relationships take up a great deal of time, energy, and emotion. Among all this interconnectivity, the relationship often neglected is the one we build with ourselves. It is remarkably easy to forget to build a relationship with yourself. Ironic that the person you spend the most time with, the mind you dwell in, the heart you live by, can be the one attended to the least.

Taking time to get to know yourself, to care for yourself as you would a loved one, can reap immeasurable benefits – inwardly, within your own consciousness, and outwardly, unto others and into the world. Here are some of the often overlooked benefits of taking some time with…

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