25 Little Things That Make Women Irrationally Mad

Thought Catalog

1. Other women not getting sweaty at the gym, or wearing makeup to the gym that does not come off.

2. Being asked if they’re okay.

3. Using a bathroom at someone’s house where they have not provided a little trash can to throw away their products in. What are you supposed to do, besides roll it up in toilet paper and put it in your purse?? Some of this stuff doesn’t flush!!!

4. Showing someone a movie or video that is really important to them, and having that person look away for even a second, even if it’s to sneeze.

5. Hearing other women talk about their diets (especially while everyone is eating).

6. Seeing a woman with eyebrows that are way, way too good.

7. Chipped nails, on themselves or on others.

8. Hearing someone insult an actress they really love, because on some level they likely feel…

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