10 Things I Want To Tell You, But Can’t


Thought Catalog

1. “You wouldn’t open the car door for me, or usher me to the passenger seat but I understand that that is just who you are. You are not the gentleman type who’d overwhelm me with your decency, but I know that you wouldn’t hesitate to drive me home at two in the morning just to make sure I’m safe. And you are best like that.”
2. “It does hurt me when you speak of the girl you like. Hearing her name feels like a hundred arrows simultaneously striking my body. The thing is the wounds do not kill me immediately. I am kept alive to experience the same pain again and again.”
3. “He used to give me gifts that I have kept to this day. You didn’t bother giving me anything, but you have kept everything I have given you. He has forgotten the worth of everything I…

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