The Sky over Dimas

While I was watching the play last Friday, November 22, 2013, at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, I was very confused about the story of the play. Maybe it was because of the deep Filipino words in the script, maybe it was because of the accent that the actors had, or maybe because I got confused with the different scenes that was played out.  However, after watching the play, I researched online about what the play was about because I was very much intrigued by the story.

After researching, I found out that Sky over Dimas was about the past of the Torrecarrions and their hacienda. Raffy received a phone call in the middle of the night from his mother, Marge Torrecarrion, urging him to come back home to Bacolod to look for his father, George Torrecarrion, who had been missing for over 3 months already.  Raffy initially did not want to go back to Bacolod because he did not want to get involved with the Hacienda. He wanted to live a life of his own in Manila, where he got a scholarship. However, after the phone call, he was forced to go back home and look for his father.

As he reached Bacolod, he first went to his mother and devised a plan on what to do once he found his father. He then went looking for his father and found him in Hacienda Dimas, living with a mistress.  George did not welcome Raffy, but the mistress was able to calm him down. Throughout the play, it was seen that George was severely injured and that he had lost his mind, he was a bit deranged. This was due to the curse of the Torrecarrion clan, the play showed numerous flashbacks of the previous Torrecarrions and how greedy and selfish they were back in the day. They used to plot schemes and killed people in order to get the land.



            While George was asleep, Raffy and the mistress got talking about the curse and Raffy went out looking for the answers. Once Raffy had found out the curse that caused his father to go crazy, he decided that he really did not want any part of the hacienda and urged his father to go home with him. However, his father did not want to go back so he burned himself. His mother then inherited the Hacienda and Raffy went back to Manila. When his mother died 10 years later, Raffy sold the hacienda and earned a lot of money from it.

After researching about the play online, I then fully understood the play. From the play, I learned that family should always come first and that you have to be strong enough for each other so that you can go through the problems together. I think if Raffy would have stayed in Bacolod and supported his family, it would not have come to a point that his family would be shattered. At least he could have done something if anything happened to the family. Raffy actually had the power to change the ways of the hacienda, to make it a better place, but he chose to stay in Manila and when the time came, sell the hacienda. They should not have let the past define where the hacienda would be going. They could have made their own mark and correct the wrong doings of their ancestors.

Overall, I think that the Harlequin Theatre Guild did agood job in portraying the characters. They also did a good job on portraying the play. In addition, they did a really good job in terms of their set design. They made very good props. I cannot wait for their next production.




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