Arya’s World

There was once a girl who lived in darkness, her name was Arya. Arya had very long black hair, which was disheveled most of the time, and she wore a long, baby pink dress that would reach up to her ankles. She would usually run around the darkness and play and be her jolly self, but one day she got tired of doing just that and she started crying. She cried and cried and cried for days. Since she lived in darkness, it was only just her and the big black area where she could do just about anything.

After more than a week of crying, she heard a voice ask, “Little girl, why have you been crying?”  At first, she didn’t want to answer because it was the first time that she ever heard a voice, it was the first time that she would interact with someone. The voice asked again, “Little girl, why have you been crying?” She answered, in a shaky voice, “I am tired of this empty dark place, I don’t know what else to do around here.” The voice spoke again; it said, “If you don’t want this empty, dark space, what do you want?”  Arya got thinking about the question, she thought long and hard about what she wanted. She made the voice wait for more an hour because she really wanted something other than the dark, empty space.

Once she knew already what she wanted, she called out to the voice.  “Hello! Anybody there? Are you still there?  I know what I want already!!” The voice answered, “Okay, Arya, tell me what you want.” Arya then explained to the voice what she wanted. She said that she wanted a colorful place, with lots of pretty things and by pretty things, she meant lots of flowers and butterflies. She also said that she wants a lot of animals, which could be her friends. She said that she also wants a pond with lots of fishes of different kinds. The way she said the things that she wanted was filled with enthusiasm that only a little girl could have. Once she was done, the voice said “I will grant your wish, Arya, but you have to promise me one thing” Arya asked, “what would that be?” The voice answered, “You have to promise me that you will take care of everything that I would give you. You have to make sure that everything you wished for is utmost cared for and that you will not destroy anything.” Arya replied quickly saying, “I promise that I will not do anything that would harm what you will give me, I can assure you that I will take care of them.” Upon hearing this, the voice said, “Close your eyes, Arya.” Arya closed her eyes and patiently waited, after about 10 minutes the voice said, “You can now open you eyes, Arya” As Arya opened her eyes she saw everything she wished for and more. She was very happy with what she saw and thanked the voice profusely. She also promised the voice that she would take care of the environment. She started exploring the place and went by her own business, she was happy once again.

Six months later, Arya was crying again. The voice once again asked, “Arya, why are you crying again now? I thought that you would be happy since you have this amazing place to play in already.” Arya said, “I just wish I could share it with someone, it gets kind of lonely sometimes.” The voice asked, “What else do you want, Arya?” This time around Arya did not think long and hard, she had the answer right there and then. She said, “I wish there was another person around here with me.” The voice granted her request in  a second. As soon as she said that a boy about her age came running towards her. Arya quickly left to play with the boy without even thanking the voice.

 Arya and the boy got way too comfortable with the surroundings that they started to neglect it. They were cutting down the branches of the trees to start fires, that they did not really need since the weather was not that cool. They just wanted to experiment starting a fire with the use of wood only. It also came to a point that they would kill animals for food rather than eating the greens and fruits that were available. The voice started calling out for Arya and the boy once it realized that they were destroying the environment, but they wouldn’t respond to the voice. There cam a time that the voice got fed up with what they were doing and it removed the environment that Arya asked for. They got the dark, empty space again.

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